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EP 83: Investing with your Spouse and Creating the Life She Wants with Grace Yarber

Investing with your spouse is not always the easiest, but Grace Yarber has figured this out and taken it one step further! A few years ago, after making the bold move to quit her job, she and her husband designed the “life” they wanted FIRST and then aligned their business around it. On today’s episode, we cover a ton with Grace, including two key strategies to use to avoid frustration when investing with your spouse, the #1 phrase to say to male contractors when you are NOT perceived as the decision-maker, and why cold showers are a MUST!

Grace Yarber is the co-CEO of Fixated Real Estate LLC, a high volume real estate investment company based out of the Seattle area that specializes in “Fix and Flip” single-family homes and in the past few years began focusing heavily on BRRRR method. By focusing on building strong, scalable and duplicable systems, the Fixated team has been able to successfully “flip” over 40 million dollars in single-family homes from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. In December 2016, Grace along with her husband Tarl and their team launched an events business as well. Fixated ON Real Estate monthly meetups now bring over 175+ investors each month and also are hosting the 3rd largest real estate Expo in the Pacific NW in Seattle. Last year’s event called PNW Real Estate Expo 2019 had over 800 attendees and 75 exhibitors. Real Estate has been an income-generating vehicle for Grace and her team to allow them to live the life of their dreams and give back to the community.

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Grace, including:

  • Creating the life you want FIRST, then fitting your business around IT
  • The top #2 keys to investing with your spouse
  • How they transitioned to a different (yet related) business
  • The power of giving back
  • The key to putting “ego” aside
  • The #1 phrase to say to male contractors when you are not perceived as the decision-maker
  • Why cold showers are a MUST


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