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EP 85:  Growing Her Rental Property Portfolio by NOT Doing it All with Edna Keep

As you grow your rental portfolio and investing business, you quickly realize something critical that today’s guest, Edna Keep, talks about today’s episode – “new level, new devil.” Most of us want to grow a rental portfolio and buy larger real estate, however, with every new level, there is new information to learn and new challenges to manage!

On today’s episode, we chat with Edna about mistakes to avoid when joint venturing with others, how to manage rental growth, the importance of setting expectations as a “passive” investor, and the simple truth that us ladies actually can’t do it all.

Edna Keep is the co-founder of 3D Real Estate, Profit in the Prairie Real Estate Investor Group and Multiple Ways to Wealth, a training, education and membership organization for real estate investors. Since 2001, she has built her own real estate portfolio to over 520 doors with a value of $60 million.  Her focus is on multifamily investing and she is based in Canada!

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Edna, including:

  • How to avoid mistakes when joint venturing with others
  • Rental: how to manage growth “new level, new devil”
  • Importance of upgrading your thinking and processes to get to the new level
  • How to set expectations with “passive” investors
  • The #1 tip to avoid having to “do it all” yourself

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