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EP 06: Overcoming Fear, Analyzing a Market, and Single Family Investments with Jonna Weber

On today’s episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with Jonna Weber, who runs a real estate team in Boise, Idaho. She is started investing more than 14 years ago and her investments include single family homes and most recently a commercial property and a restaurant. Not only is she an investor herself, she has also helped dozens of investors purchase and sell their residential investment properties. She is the author of “The Buzz about Boise” E-book and is an active blogger on all the happenings of Boise, Idaho.

On today’s show, we cover these topics:

  • How to analyze a market
  • How to “vet out” investor friendly realtors
  • Why she loves single family investments
  • Her shift to buying commercial property and a restaurant
  • How she balances her family life and her business

Learn more about Jonna by visiting her website.

Reach out to Jonna at

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