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EP 75: (MINISODE) How The Power of 10x Thinking (and Goal Setting) Expanded Us into Larger Multifamily with Liz & Andresa

So many woman play it small so they avoid mistakes and failures. Playing small does not get us anywhere and pushes us further and further from our goals. Liz and Andresa are back this week with an empowering minisode where they share a tip, strategy, or lesson in just 10 minutes! On this week’s minisode, Liz talks about a time five years ago when her and husband decided to 10x their buy and hold strategy to acquire larger multifamily. She discusses a powerful book by Grant Cardone called The 10x Rule. Liz and her husband Matt were growing incrementally and after reading the 10x Rule their goal, mindset, and results expanded. As a result of today’s minisode, Liz and Andresa encourage all InvestHERs is to expand a goal where you are playing small and decide to 10x it!


·       The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone

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