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EP 72: How This Millennial Created a Thriving Real Estate Side Hustle Through House Hacking with Kim Gillock

It can be very overwhelming to begin investing in real estate when working a full-time job and juggling so many responsibilities. On today’s episode, we chat with Kim Gillock a buy and hold investor from Denver, CO. She got her start in “house hacking” and has never looked back. We chat about the importance of knowing your “target” customer, why it is valuable to have a full-time job, the importance of your “why,” how to successfully transition to a new area of investing, and what you should consider when scaling to multifamily.

Kim Gillock is a buy-and-hold real estate investor residing in Denver, CO.  Her full-time career is as an Emergency Dept PA (Physician Assistant) since 2008.  A few years after buying her primary residence and seeing the benefit of “house hacking,” she became curious about real estate as a potential investment vehicle and tried her hand at buy & hold investing (2013).  She currently holds and actively manages 3 LTR’s and one medium-term rental, still “house hacks” at home and also manages her families vacation rental in Colorado and works her full-time job (every true millennial has to have a side hustle, right?).  Despite all the juggling, she just really finds RE investing SO. Fun.

In her free time, she loves playing tennis, skiing, traveling and being with friends and family (preferably while doing one of the aforementioned and/or with wine).  She resides in Denver, CO.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Kim, including:

  1. House hacking with furnished month to month
  2. Why knowing your target “customer” is critical
  3. The value and benefits of having a full-time job
  4. The importance of the “why” behind real estate investing
  5. How to powerfully transition to a new area of real estate investing
  6. Scaling to multifamily and what you should be considering

Reach out to Kim:

Reach out to Kim:



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