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EP 69: Reclaiming YOU with Clarity and Simplicity with Alecia St. Germain

From being a top Rich Dad coach to a mobile home park investor, Alecia now helps mission driven entrepreneurs get results (without sacrificing the freedom that entrepreneurship provides). We are so fortunate to sit down with Alecia St. Germain founder of the Conscious Edge. On today’s episode, we talk about life changing topics such as how to get unstuck and stop being a perfectionist, a 3 part strategy for prioritizing self care first, and the #1 tip to figuring out your calling in life. You can’t miss this episode!

Alecia St. Germain is the founder and Ace of Transformation behind The Conscious Edge. She helps mission-driven entrepreneurs architect their driving visions and become rockstar leaders that get results – without sacrificing the freedom that entrepreneurship provides. After developing and delivering entrepreneurial training for some of the most well-known real estate industry experts, she saw a gap between learning investment strategy and implementation. Closing this gap has become her calling, leading her to become a Certified Immunity-to-Change Coach and turn her focus solely to transforming the group training environment. In addition to being a passionate trainer and transformational coach, Alecia treasures her life as a wife and mom. Putting home-cooked, nourishing, and delicious meals on the table for her family, embarking on new adventures, and creating magical memories inspires Alecia to continue her growth personally and professionally.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Alecia, including:

  • How to get unstuck and stop being a perfectionist (once and for all
  • Worthiness
  • How to avoid getting stopped
  • A 3 part strategy on putting self care first
  • #1 tip on how to figure out your calling
  • Why sleep is the most important self care strategy you can do
  • Reclaiming you


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