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EP 68:  How to Avoid Overpaying for a Real Estate Deal in Today’s Market with Diana George

The real estate investing market remains HOT across many markets in the USA. As a result, a common mistake made by real estate investors in today’s market is that they are overpaying for deals. This can hurt your profitability and bottom line – big time. We are excited to sit down and talk to Diana George who runs a women-owned and operated private equity firm in CA. We talk with Diana about how she grew her brokerage early on (and later sold it), how she uses data to avoid overpaying for deals, how to not over or under improve a rehab project and the importance of taking your power back as a woman.

Diana is Head of Acquisitions, Portfolio and has oversight of investor relationships at Artemis Investments. Artemis Investments is the Bay Area’s Premier Real Estate Private Equity Firm-owned and operated by women. Diana brings a profound knowledge base and consistent success within the Real Estate Investment Industry. At age 33 she founded the successful real estate brokerage Vault Realty Group, which focused on real estate investments and rehabbing at 75-100% profit margins. She then sold her brokerage to Century 21 to focus on growing Artemis Investments. She continues to present at speaking engagements all over the Bay Area advising new and seasoned investors on how to be profitable and hedge against a downward market. Diana has been featured and/or quoted in WSJ, BBC, Forbes, Associated Press and several other national publications in regards to the real estate market, investments and economy.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Diana, including:

  • The importance of a niche as you grow your business
  • Importance of figuring out “who you want to serve”
  • How to avoid under or over improving renovation projects
  • The importance of data to assess deals
  • Why it is important to be a conservative underwriter
  • How to take your power back as a woman


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