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EP 63: (MINISODE) How to Thrive Through Life’s Toughest Challenges with Liz & Andresa

Welcome back to another MINIsode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show. These MINISODE episodes will be 10 minutes or less and be a real life story from Liz or Andresa! This week, Andresa opens up big time to share one of her toughest personal challenges – separating from her husband. In just 10 minutes, Andresa goes deep to share three key takeaways that you can apply to ANY personal or real estate investing challenge you will be faced with!

Today’s minisode lessons include:

  1. When faced with a tough challenge, remember to go inside and connect with your values. This will allow you to make a sound decision based on values (not emotions) to move forward.
  2. Being vulnerable gives you strength. It does not weaken you, it strengthens you.
  3. After the chaos calms down, it is time to create.

Remember, you are NEVER alone, and YOU got this!

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