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EP 61: How to Build 4 Businesses Spending 30 Hours a Week with Brie Schmidt

Brie acquired her first investment property in 2011 and left the corporate world in 2014 when she became a full time real estate investor. Brie is the Managing Broker of Second City Real Estate, a full service brokerage working with new investors and seasoned investors looking to expand their knowledge of the industry and their portfolio. Brie utilizes her extensive knowledge of building and managing a portfolio to teach clients about all aspects of buy and hold investing.

Brie is a Co-Founder at The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a non-profit educational summit for real estate investors. This three day annual event provides new to experienced investors with the tools and connections necessary to build a real estate business.

Brie is also the President of; the one-stop shop for passive investing in real estate across the United States. With over 100 providers in 25 cash flowing markets it is the most comprehensive site on buying turnkey properties.

Brie’s other passion is travel and in the past few years she has been to Albania, Costa Rica, Croatia, Colombia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Thailand.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Brie, including:

  • The importance of becoming bankable
  • How to understand the finance side of this business
  • The #1 tip to get financing in place
  • How boundaries allow you to get more done
  • How saying “no” allows more peace in your life

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  • com – Online app to manage your finances


  • Midwest Real Estate Investing Summit – June 1st and June 2nd!


The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit delivers unique content and actionable steps for attendees to prosper through their real estate investments. Whether an attendee is a complete newbie or an experienced syndicator, they want to provide the tips, strategies and networking opportunities to help attendees grow their portfolio. Speakers will be sharing knowledge on finding deals, creative financing, raising capital, flipping homes, property management, syndication and much more.

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