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EP 47: Taking Control of Your Own Destiny with Palak Shah

Palak Shah is Founder and Managing Partner at Open Spaces Realty Group. She is a real estate developer and blogger in Philadelphia where she focuses on the buy and hold strategy. In her previous life, she used to be a Mechanical Engineer and worked in corporate for 17 years climbing the corporate ladder. After starting a family, she realized she could not keep up with the intense travel and she wanted more flexible hours. This request was not welcome, so she decided to quit her job and pursue real estate full time. In two years, she has built a 2.5 million dollar real estate portfolio and just closed on a 9 unit building.

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Palak, including:

  • How to know a “deal” is a “deal”
  • What criteria is important when evaluating deals
  • Mistakes to avoid when working with contractors
  • The power of the BRRRR Strategy (and the importance of putting granite in rentals!)
  • The importance of assessing your time vs money
  • Why it is good business to be socially responsible

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