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EP 44: Investing Long Distance, the Best Apps, and Moving into Syndications with Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson is the Co-Founder of HouseItLook LLC and Bar Down Investments LLC, two family owned and operated companies. HouseItLook specializes in flipping homes in Montgomery, Chester and Delaware County, PA. Bar Down Investments, provides investment opportunities for investors looking to passively own real estate. She controls over 225 units and has completed over 13 flips.

Prior to starting HouseItLook and Bar Down Investments, Ashley owned both short term and long term rentals, and has house hacked for almost 10 years and counting. Recently, HouseItLook sold a $1,030,000 flip, and Bar Down Investments co-sponsored a 124 unit apartment syndication in Texas. Personally, Ashley has two children, a dog, two horses and a very supportive husband!

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Ashley, including:

  • How to run your business from your phone
  • The importance of communication
  • How to leverage technology
  • Best apps to use
  • Challenges of working with your family
  • Her flipping strategy (and philosophy)

How she moved into syndications

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