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EP 35: From Overcoming Major Debt to Operating Over 1300 Units with Nichole Stohler

Like most businesses, real estate investing takes commitment, hard work and perseverance. On today’s show, we chat with Nichole Stohler who is co-founder and managing partner at Gateway Private Equity Group, a real estate investment firm whose portfolio has included a hotel, multifamily, and residential properties. When Nichole and her husband Mike first started in real estate investing in 1999, they lacked experience and failed. Through committed action to learn, grow their skills, and help others, they have created immense change in their business and lives.

Between apartment complexes, houses, and their hotel, Nichole and her husband Mike, have owned or operated over 1300 units. Since their early beginnings, Nichole and Mike have seen significant financial gain and wealth-generation through powerful real estate investing. Passionate about the impact real estate investing has had on their lives, Nichole and Mike leverage their experience to create income-producing portfolios for busy professionals.

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Nichole, including:

  • The mistakes she and her husband made early on in their investing business
  • How they got themselves out of debt and rebuilt their investment business
  • How to evaluate when to change your niche
  • The importance of figuring out your “swim lane” when working with others
  • How to truly build authentic relationships
  • The value of multifamily vs single family vs owning hotels

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