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EP 32: Forever Cash, Flipping Land, and Finding Your True Identity with Michelle Bosch

We are super excited to sit down with Michelle Bosch on this week’s inspiring episode. Michelle has been a full time real estate investor since 2002 and is co-founder and Managing Director of Orbit Investments, LLC. She and her partner Jack, have bought and sold over 4000 pieces of real estate and built the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the United States bringing that company successfully into the 8 figure revenues in a matter of 18 months. In 2008, they also started a Real Estate Education company focusing on teaching others how to invest in Real Estate with a specialty on Tax Delinquent Land and Houses and took this company from zero to the mid-7- figures in revenue in a matter of 1 year.

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Michelle, including:

  • Why flipping land is a lot easier and simpler than flipping homes
  • How to avoid termites, tenants, and toilets with flipping land
  • Three types of plans you need in place for financial freedom
  • How to earn different types of cash (one time cash, temporary cash, forever cash)
  • Transitioning from entrepreneur to motherhood (shift letting go of control)
  • Why you should stop “setting goals” and start “determining your identity”
  • Resources/Books mentioned in the show:
  • Forever Cash by Jack Bosch
  • Essentialism book by Greg McKeown
  • Braving Wilderness by Brene Brown

Michelle’s contact information:

Michelle’s websites – ,

Land Courses 

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