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EP 31: It’s NOT Who You Know, It’s Who Knows YOU with Stephanie Pappas

We all hear how important “networking” is to grow your real estate investing business. However, most people are not effective AT ALL when it comes to networking. They really don’t know how to “work a room” and leave with solid opportunities to build long lasting relationships. They just collect as many business cards as they can and think they have been successful at networking.

It is not everyday that we have the chance to chat with the Executive Director of one of the largest (and oldest) real estate networking groups in the country, DIG, which stands for Diversified Investor Group, which is based in Hatfield, PA and serves Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding counties. DIG is a nonprofit organization that’s been around since 1978.

Stephanie Pappas is not only the Executive Director of DIG but also an active investor specializing in flipping homes and licensed realtor. She has done over 30 deals and has been investing since 2000.

On today’s episode, we discuss a lot with Stephanie, including:

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