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EP 26: What TV Shows Do NOT Teach You About Flipping Homes with Nicole Pettis

All parents would agree that when their children are born, their life is changed forever.

Little did Nicole Pettis know that when her son was born back in 2011, this major life change would cause Nicole to begin a whole new chapter of her life – flipping homes! After watching a ton of flipping shows on HGTV and educating herself on BiggerPockets, she jumped into the business by starting a networking group with 10 people (and has since grown the group to over 1000 members)!

Nicole’s real estate experience is mainly in flipping “rental” property and she has managed over 15 flips ranging from $15,000 to over $400,000. She has worked on single family homes as well as multifamily flip projects. She not only manages her own flips but also helps other investors managing their projects as well. And for her latest project, she just closed on a seven unit building!

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Nicole, including:

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made with contractors
  • How to protect yourself when paying contractors
  • How to move beyond past big challenges
  • The #1 tool you need when managing projects (and for managing contractors)
  • The mindset necessary to move from surviving to thriving in this business

Resources/Books mentioned in the show:

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