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EP 13: Being Fearless and Closing 40 Wholesale Deals in One Year with Emily Snider

Have you ever used your age as a limiting factor to your success?

Well, today’s guest, Emily Snider, got started in real estate investing two years ago when she was only 19 years old after dropping out of college. She found wholesaling after moving to Los Angeles with her twin sister to “find herself.”

One thing led to another, she ended up discovering the power of wholesaling and made her first ever $5,000 and as a result built her self-esteem and confidence. As her confidence grew so did her results. Just this past year, she closed 40 wholesale deals by herself and joint venturing with others nationwide.

On today’s episode, we cover a lot of fantastic topics such as:

• Easy way to determine if a home is vacant

• Marketing tips and strategies

• The power of video

• Why relationship building is so critical

• The importance of having a “win-win” attitude

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