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EP 11: Moving Past Challenges & New Construction Rentals with Brennan Tomasetti

When things don’t go right, how many times do we want to give up? Just throw in the towel?

Well today’s guest, Brennan Tomasetti from Civetta Property Group, made the decision to learn from her challenges and as a result build a much stronger and more successful real estate investing business in the process.

Brennan and her husband, Mike, began investing by buying a duplex in Philadelphia in her mid 20’s. One thing lead to another and she and her husband purchased enough investment properties to achieve ‘financial freedom’ at the age of 32. Their next move was to Florida to invest in single family homes during the downturn in the economy. This venture to Florida presented some challenges and they ended up returning to Philadelphia a few years later. They now focus their energy in building their buy and hold portfolio through new construction and development projects such as warehouse conversions. They currently own over 45 doors. In addition to her investing work, she also has a small consulting firm and is a mom to a toddler.

On today’s episode, we cover a lot of great topics such as:

  • Overcoming challenges
  • Working with your spouse
  • Importance of putting happiness first
  • New construction rentals
  • Power of goal setting

Learn more about Brennan and her company, Civetta Property Group, by visiting her website or emailing her at


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