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EP 104: Discover Work-Life Rhythm Before You Burnout with CC Sutton

The secret to being more engaged, more productive, and more profitable is closer to home than you think. On today’s episode, we dive deep into self-care and work-life rhythm with CC Sutton who is a work-life integration specialist and productivity keynote speaker. 

We explore the fact that self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity and CC shares practical steps to help you make it a priority. When days are hectic, it’s easy to check off the boxes on your to-do list and ignore the signs that your body is becoming unbalanced. We discuss ways to become more intentional with our actions, how to get clear on what rejuvenates us, and the language required when communicating our needs with others.

After 11 years of feeling overworked, overweight and over it ALL, CC took matters into her own hands and traded in her fancy business suits for a t-shirt and yoga pants to work remotely. And not only did she gain balance back into her professional & personal schedule, but she also increased her work productivity, multiplied her earnings, and she even lost the extra pounds!

​Today, CC is a 13-year professional speaker, certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer and a certified Life & Relationship Coach. Organizations call on her when they want their attendees to have a paradigm shift and take action.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker, CC worked in the oil & gas, IT and higher-education sectors recruiting for top talent across the U.S. CC Sutton is a consummate speaker who has hosted her own radio talk show, and has extensive experience speaking at an array of events, including the International Swing Dance Championships, celebrity luncheons, galas, fashion shows, fundraisers, conferences, and more. She has also been featured on Fox 26 News, The Houston Business Journal, the Houston Chronicle and on several radio talk shows and podcasts.

​CC resides in Houston, TX with her husband, Tristen, and their Pointer named “Peppy”. Outside of speaking, CC enjoys competitive ballroom dancing, working out (only because she’s a HUGE foodie), traveling, and mentoring young ladies. She also loves rain, candles and fruit smoothies…in that order.

Key points

–         How to listen to your body and learn what it needs to feel rejuvenated

–         Steps to achieve work-life rhythm to optimize performance

–         How to put yourself first because you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself

–         Learn the language needed to gain the support you seek

–         How to feel more balanced both professionally and personally






7 Keys to Work-Life Balance by Julie Cohen


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