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EP 100: How Little Steps Make A Big Difference with Kristin & Amina

On this special episode, we are so excited to celebrate our 100th episode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show! Andresa and Liz are thrilled to sit down with two newer investors – Amina Sanders and Kristin DiPasquo from Philadelphia, PA. On today’s episode, we discuss with these newer investors – their investing journey, their learned lessons along the way, and how the Real Estate InvestHER Community has helped them take action and build their investment portfolio – one property at a time.

Amina Sanders is originally from Long Island, New York and moved to the South Jersey area six years ago after graduating undergrad. For the past six years, she has worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry as an analytical scientist. She stumbled onto real estate investing in 2016 after working on a family research project by finding BiggerPockets and then the Real Estate InvestHER Community (both the Facebook community and the Philadelphia InvestHER Meetup). She spent the next two years educating herself about real estate investing and she found that the best way for her to get started was through house-hacking. She quickly realized that investing in real estate was her chance to gain financial control and stability over her own life. In 2018, after a roller coaster of emotions her and her husband bought their first home: a 3b/2b Single-Family home in Philadelphia. They rented out two bedrooms and lived in the master. This past August, they acquired their husband’s childhood home which is a single-family home rental in Atlanta, GA. Currently, they are under contract for what will be our third property, a duplex conversion.

Kristin DiPasquo had a winding path in her adult life, starting out professionally as a software engineer, taking off several years in her 20’s to explore different parts of the world, landing in Philly as an elementary school teacher and occasional yoga teacher and then truly landing in my mid 30s as a realtor and now investor. She loves working as a realtor, helping people in a very concrete way and being her own business person. Thanks to many things, including her supportive family and the InvestHER community, she has been able to take the leap into Real Estate Investing. Aside from owning our home, which she was fortunate to purchase in a time when our neighborhood was ripe for appreciation, they have one rental property that they acquired in the summertime, which she has rehabbed, rented, and will refinance soon and now has their 2nd investment property under contract. She plans to grow her portfolio significantly over the next few years using the BRRRR strategy! Aside from Real Estate, some things she loves include: her family (especially her 5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old son!), spending time in the outdoors, connecting with community, dancing and bike riding.

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  1. Vibetta Sanders on 01/04/2020 at 1:35 AM

    WOW, a wonderful way to begin 2020. Amazing women! Thank you for the great information and for being a wonderful resource to my Niece Amina, she has inspired others in the family to take action. Do you have a meet up in Albany New York?

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