EP 46: How This Attorney Went from Billing Hours to Owning Over A Million in Assets with Stephanie Cabral

Stephanie is a buy and hold investor of single family homes and duplexes in central Connecticut. She unknowingly discovered investing in 2012 when she bought and renovated a condemned duplex despite hefty student loans and a modest salary. Since she began intentionally investing in 2015, she’s acquired 2 buy and hold properties each year, has done one flip, and one joint venture. All of her acquisitions require renovations and her projects have ranged from $15k-$160k in rehab.

Stephanie has used 203k financing, hard money, private money, a partnership, conventional and commercial loans, and the equity recapture method (known to many as the BRRRR strategy). She is a lawyer by trade that turned to real estate to improve her quality of life. She also joined Colliers International as a commercial real estate agent to facilitate this transition. Her slow and steady investing has paid off. She currently has $1.4 million in assets and is proud of her portfolio’s vacancy rate of less than 1%, which she attributes to effective tenant selection and management, efficient renovations, and desirable properties.

Stephanie is intimately involved in animal rescue with Double Dog Rescue and is active in her spare time, playing volleyball year round, camping, etc.

On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Stephanie, including:

  • How newbies can move through the fear of doing your first rehab project
  • How to mitigate the mistakes on the first deal
  • Importance of leveraging everyone strengths around you
  • How to best vet an attorney for your real estate transactions
  • How to create a vacancy rate of less than 1%
  • Best apps and strategies to automate your business
  • #1 tip to have success with a virtual assistant

Reach out:

  • Website: http://www.sunrisebuyshouses.com/
  • Via email: Stephanie@SunriseBuysHouses.com


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